Kornev GmbH our team

SEO Alexey Kornev

Kornev Alexey


Highest technical education (computers and networks);

Highest economic education;

Successful realization of some projects in Russia with subsequent sale;

Organization from scratch a production of goods and distribution;

Start of a company from 2013 in Germany

Web Designer and Web Programmierer


CEO Elena Korneva

Kornev Alexey


Higher medical education;


Years of work in health care, starting as a pediatrician and growing into deputy director of regional department of health care;

Experience in the creation and development of commercial projects and companies in Russia and Germany;


CEO Iaroslav Kornev

Kornev Alexey


Highest economic education;

Higher financial education;

Over 5 years of experience assessing large and medium-sized companies and investment projects.

Over 5 years of work in financial analysis.

More than 3 years project management for internet advertising.


Team Experience The team has over 10 years of experience in more than 10 countries

Germany. Startup from the very beginning, launched in 2013. Registration and opening of enterprise. Registration of own brand name. Staff recruitment. Organizing sales on the German online platforms. Adaptation of product with own brand name, considering national peculiarities. Promotion of trade group, including using the social media.

China. Purchasing activity. Sewing collection samples. Sewing large shipments of goods under own trade name.

USA. Goods adaptation, considering peculiarities of the country. Product promotion using electronic platforms. Product promotion using the social media.

France, Italy, Spain, Austria, England, Netherlands. Product adaptation under own brand name, considering language and peculiarities of the country. Organization of work on the online trade platforms. Promotion of trade group, also through the social media.

Russia. Network of retail outlets (12) of youth underwear. Product promotion. Organization of wholesale trade of own goods. Establishment of own sewing and printing workshops, and online store (three departments – 22 people) (business was sold in 2013).