Kornev GmbH Make the Impossible Possible

View in the future Strong sides of the Team

  • extensive experience of working as a team with distinct tasks distribution;
  • high productivity, ability to work in any situations and under any conditions;
  • ability to effectively resolve issues, in the environment of a foreign country, speaking a foreign language, and being exposed to a foreign mentality;

our Values for you

Creation - the creation of new and useful is the leading motive of our activities.

Professionalism - achievement of professional excellence is the conscious choice of each of us.

Respectability - we respect customers, competitors, partners and colleagues.

Responsibility - we are responsible to clients for the quality of our work, we fulfill our obligations. We work openly and expect the same from our customers and partners.

Friendliness - friendly, respectful attitude to business partners is the basis of professional interaction.

Super effort - the willingness and ability to go for super effort helps to achieve the set result, improving yourself personally and professionally..